A Very Late Post — D is for Daily Practices

What my daily practices look like now:

absolutely nothing. I’m very irregular. So this post is going to be hypothetical and more of the planning/wishing/dreaming sort.

What I would like my daily practices to look like:

Upon waking, I would like to have some sort of greeting of the day and ‘kindling’ of the hearth, though apartment living does not lend itself to hearthkeeping. For this, I will probably take some sort if inspiration from the Carmina Gadelica (http://www.smo.uhi.ac.uk/gaidhlig/corpus/Carmina/) for incantation. I could light a coal in the cauldron, perhaps burn some incense. It would be a decent way to recognize the beginning of the day and to keep a hearth focus.

I am currently trying to keep a dream journal, and that is slowly becoming part of my morning rituals. I would like for some sort of divination to be part of my day, though I’m unsure when to place it. Before my day starts might be a logical place. I should also keep a journal of these daily readings. It would probably be more interesting and helpful to mix up which methods I use daily. That way I can get practice with different methods, and I get more rounded perspectives. I do love my Tarot cards, but it’s better not to get stuck in a rut.

After the morning routine, my day is kind of unpredictable, so it won’t do well to plan much throughout the day, though I should like to memorize a few incantations to use if the time arrives. Something important to me is to keep up with the signs of the moon and larger movements of other planets, which my Witches’ Almanac is very helpful for (http://thewitchesalmanac.com/). Keeping track of occurrences and their relation to astrological positions would be very helpful for learning how to interpret heavenly motions and events. Needs more journaling.

Something I’ve picked up from the Gaelic folk tradition — doing things deosil throughout the day, such as stirring a pot, cleaning the house, etc in a sunwise direction. Making an effort to do this would remind me of my beliefs periodically and allow me to think on my relation to the sun, the realms, etc. On a similar note, I’d like to work on maintaining awareness of cardinal directions at most times during the day. It seems a very helpful skill to have.

As for end-of-the-day routines, I should like to cover my hearth, which could be a simple smoothing of the ashes in the cauldron, along with an incantation, probably taken from the Carmina Gadelica again. I do need to devote a little more study to the Appalachian and Germanic folk practices that I could incorporate into daily devotion.

As I sleep each night, I do try to Journey a little bit, and I’m slowly getting better at it. Again, my living situation doesn’t allow for much alone time before bed, and it might be uncomfortable for my partner were I to start chanting, rocking, or listening to music to Journey before I sleep. I find it more difficult to Travel during daylight hours, which is when I am alone most often, though it would still be helpful to practice.

 I do wish I could have more resources and references for this post, but since I’m running so late it’s pretty much all speculation. I hope that the next post will be more of a resource and more academic. 


2 thoughts on “A Very Late Post — D is for Daily Practices

  1. Thanks you! I had thought about trying to keep a small wood fire going in the cauldron so that there are actually coals to smoor and keep it going, but that seems unlikely to work very well and might be too much of a fire hazard for me. P:

  2. I really like your idea of using a cauldron with the charcoal for your hearth rituals! I use a candle to represent the hearth fire, but the charcoal and some incense is a really great idea, especially if one were to do a “smooring” ritual.


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