I switched the theme to something a little more…widescreen friendly? If there are any issues with accessibility or legibility please let me know!

The resources page now has a few things on it, and I plan to add more as I can. Suggestions for categories or sources are welcome!

The shop has been tweaked a bit for spring, and there’s a mini-sale going on currently — find details in the shop’s Info header.

Aaaand I’ve been a very bad blogger and an even worse housewitch. I have quite a few orders piling up right now, so I’m just trying to truck through and get those done. Then I’m sure my summer job will take over and then I’ll have even less time to do things. ❤ Many things have occurred since my last post. I divided my tumblr presence into three parts: witchcraft; aspie, queer, and personal things; and fandoms/cute animal pics. Links can be found on the main tumblr page.


How are all my lovelies doing?