Changes to my Divination Services

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I am now offering readings using the Wooden Tarot deck, created by A.L. Swartz of SkullGarden. All Tarot listings in the shop now have an option for “Wooden Tarot” in the drop-down menu when you check out.

His work can be found here

And also here

And is fantastic and I strongly recommend checking out his Etsy shop and sending him all of the monies.


Secondly, a not-quite-as-exciting announcement: I will be discontinuing the smaller readings after overwhelmingly negative feedback. I am concerned that the $3 Tarot and $1 rune readings are attracting customers who only want immediate gratification and ~happy-sparkle-love-and-light~ readings. Almost every single negative review I have is for a 3 card Tarot reading. All of my other readings get nothing but positive reviews. I think that customers are expecting much more than they are paying for when they buy these small readings, and I no longer wish to mislead my customers or encourage the sort of disrespectful behavior that I have encountered with certain clients.

That being said, if you are still interested in a smaller reading, you are welcome to request a custom order on Etsy or a private order via email.


I will also no longer be offering phone or Skype readings, as they are a strain on myself and my clients’ schedules. That, and often phone signal and bad video quality interrupt what would otherwise be a good reading. I’ve found that I do best when I can type instead of talk, and that way my clients receive a concrete message that they can copy, save, or print out for their records.

In person readings are still available, of course, for those in the area.


If there are any questions, concerns, or further suggestions for the shop, do feel free to contact me at




Updates and an Equinox SALE!

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I’ve been busy busy in a tizzy recently! Lots of orders (thank you all!) lots of projects, a very short ‘vacation’ and job searching! Oh lordy so many things. Lots of personal changes, almost all of them for the better, and lots of new things for everyone.


Now the fun part: Autumn Equinox Sale! Use code “AUTUMN14” at checkout for 21% off any purchase over $10. This coupon code is valid for the entire month of September.


My brain is full of ideas and schemes for new blog posts and possibly even some new blogs. Nothing is for sure, but there are ideas floating everywhere. I think the new organization, The Nemeton, might deserve a blog of its own. We shall see what time brings!