A Funeral and Some Jewelry

I finally did the work I was supposed to and paid some respects to my lil opossum buddy. I am going to be working on making some jewelry and charm bottles out of the bones. Currently I’m planning on vertebrae earrings, tooth and toes in bottles, and possibly rib bracelets.

If anyone would like to inquire about a custom piece using this lil critter, please send a message to me on Etsy or at witchys.crafts2@gmail.com. Bones and creations therefrom are being sold on a first-come first-served basis.

These bones were found in the wild and ethically collected. No animals were harmed to create jewelry or crafts.


A Funeral and Some Jewelry

It’s official! I will be vending at Earthsong’s Summer Festival — July 19-20th!



I will be present both days, offering my divination services as well as my hand made herbal preparations and magical tools. Custom orders can be taken in person and delivered later. Spellworking questions and consultation are welcome!

If you’re a vendor in the area– they’re still accepting applications. It isn’t a huge festival, but they have a lot of loyal customers and pretty steady attendance. Come and visit me and my face


I switched the theme to something a little more…widescreen friendly? If there are any issues with accessibility or legibility please let me know!

The resources page now has a few things on it, and I plan to add more as I can. Suggestions for categories or sources are welcome!

The shop has been tweaked a bit for spring, and there’s a mini-sale going on currently — find details in the shop’s Info header.

Aaaand I’ve been a very bad blogger and an even worse housewitch. I have quite a few orders piling up right now, so I’m just trying to truck through and get those done. Then I’m sure my summer job will take over and then I’ll have even less time to do things. ❤ Many things have occurred since my last post. I divided my tumblr presence into three parts: witchcraft; aspie, queer, and personal things; and fandoms/cute animal pics. Links can be found on the main tumblr page.


How are all my lovelies doing?

Yule, Krampus, and Christmas Witching


The frost cometh!

It’s been a while since I’ve been on WP, and I really should remedy that. So, some updates:

  • I am now a full time witch and hausfrau, which means more time to devote to art, custom orders, and general slacking off.
  • I got married! It was cold and rainy and perfect.
  • There is new stuff in the shop, including tinctures and gift sets (perfect for holiday treats) of bath salts, incense, and body scrub!

So, let’s talk about this impending holiday season, shall we? [personal note: I don’t really do the Turkey Day thing because I don’t care to celebrate the oppressive mythology of this country’s founding. so we go straight from Spookytime to Wintertime] Recently I’ve been looking into different winter spirits and deities from Germanic and British folk belief, and there is just a delightful assortment of characters and different permutations of gods and saints. My favorite, which I knew of before, still have to be Krampus and Perchta/Hulda. The latter could be considered two separate entities, but in my personal view it is more like two sides of the same figure. I also relate her to Scotland’s Cailleach Beara, England’s Black Annis, and Ireland’s Grian, although the Celtic stories are usually more dualistic in their seasonal approach than some Germanic.

A couple of new figures I had not heard of before: Belsnickel, similar to Krampus but a lot less monstrous, who comes a few weeks before Father Christmas in order to punish the naughty children and make sure everyone’s in line. And an Italian figure called Befana, known as the Christmas Witch, who got lost on her way to the Christ child and is still wandering today, giving gifts to kind children. I absolutely love seeing all of the diverse figures associated with the winter months. The chill winds and cold weather bring out an interesting side to storytelling.

This year’s challenge: to find a Paleo recipe for Lebkuchen! If you know one, hit me up. All of the one’s I’ve found online have been for the Jewish honeycake version and not the gingerbread kind. Hopefully our Yuletide dinner party will go well — even though we are renting, it’s our first year in our own place together, and our first year of being married! Yay memory making. Now if I could just get the dishes done before New Year’s. . . [which, consequently, I don’t celebrate either].

Our winter traditions include:

  • the yearly tea party/dinner
  • hot cider, because fuck yeah
  • gift giving
  • lots of candles and lights
  • we have a tiny purple tree I found at the thrift store and it’s perfect and purple.
  • this year I hope to do a thing where we stay up late to greet the dawn on the solstice
  • and storytelling!

Then of course we’ll go to my (Baptist) parents’ house on the 22nd and do it all again!

I’d love to hear some of your own personal or ancestral winter traditions!

PS: speaking of winter fun — the shop is having a sale, now through January 1st — 35% off all orders over $10. Just enter the code YULE35 at checkout.